To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing you today to tell you about the joy your Bluford Series books have brought to our classroom. I have purchased 5-6 copies of such titles as Search for Safety, The Bully, The Gun, No Way Out, and Schooled. . . . The joy comes from my students wanting to read and reading silently and in groups. . . .

Our school is a K-8 school with a 90% plus poverty rate and 90% plus minority population. I teach 8th grade and to say they are reluctant readers is an understatement. However, your series of books has sparked something in them I didn’t think possible. They are asking to read. We have readers from on grade-level to some who read at a second and third grade level. It is shocking and a pleasure to hear them all talk not only of the books they are reading, but which one they are going to read next.

I am writing you to thank you for this enthusiasm you have brought to our classroom. . . . We have a lovely literature series we obtained when another school closed down, but for our reluctant eighth grade readers, the stories are not relevant to their lives. No relevance, no enthusiasm. No enthusiasm, no reading. So that is why I love your series.

Sarah R.
Reading and Social Studies Teacher
Milwaukee, WI
Dear Townsend Press,
I want to thank you again for your wonderful series, The Bluford Series.  The children love these books and I have to put the titles on waiting lists.  I have between 7 and 10 copies of each of the 15 titles and yet usually only have a few (less than ten, total) on the shelves.  It is amazing that students that don't like to read will read this series.  We have limited funds and the price of these books is another thing that I really appreciate.  Lastly, I love the positive message in the books and the comtemporary themes.  I was so excited that you have added two more titles to the series.  Thank you again.

Jennifter F.
Middle SchoolTeacher
Evansville, IN
Dear Townsend Press:

I am a middle school science teacher in the Boston Public Schools. At my school, we have silent reading for the first 20 min of homeroom.  It is often a challenge to get all students to focus and quietly read. I've been asking them for suggestions of books they might be interested in reading, and  a couple have asked for books from the Bluford High series. I ordered the 15 series last week, and they arrived yesterday.  I put them on my book shelf today.  One student picked up the book he'd been waiting for (The Bully) and ran out of the class yelling "I'm SO excited.  I can't wait to read this!"  In the next 6 minutes, 12 of the other 14 were claimed (I kept the one for myself to read!).  You could have heard a pin drop during silent reading.  When the 20 min was up, several students asked if they could continue reading and 5 students asked if they could borrow the books so they could continue at home.  Word got around to my other classes and I had students coming up during the day to ask if they could borrow the books.  I had to start a wait list for when books get returned or until I can get another set.  There is often some excitement when I bring new books, in, but there has never been the reception as the Bluford High books received. Thanks for publishing such great books that really capture the minds and interest of students.  

Maria V.
Middle SchoolTeacher
Boston, MA
Dear TP:

As a seven-year teacher of seventh graders in an urban school district in Louisville, Kentucky, I cannot sing the praises of the Bluford Series enough. With No-Child Left Behind came the adoption of many classroom textbooks that left my lower level readers very much behind…they were simply not interested. Bluford days were our good days, like waiting for the next chapter of a soap opera. We used the books to talk about social issues that affected their every day lives. My students opened to me even more on a personal level, we wrote more, we made more connections to the world and the events going on around us, I could go on. My classes came alive. If you all ever need someone to sell this series on a district or state level, I would gladly do it. More people need to know.
Kristen N.
Language Arts Teacher
Louisville, KY

To Everyone at Townsend Press~

I just wanted to send a quick note to say "Thank You"!!!  My students absolutely love the series!  I love how excited the traditionally reluctant readers get while reading the books.

I just received an email a bit ago from a student who emailed me at school at 7:30pm to say he finished The Bully.  He went on to say he read for 2 hours and couldn't put the book down. He then added that he had never really read afterschool before, especially for 2 hours.  That email reminded me to sent my gratitude to you.

The kids are begging for reading time, talking about books and characters at lunch,   recommending books to other students.  In addition, these books are the prized reward for improved attendance for my truant students!

I just received my shipment of the most recent two books. The kids can't wait to get their hands on them!  Thank you for not only providing such a wonderful product, but also for keeping it affordable for classroom teachers. 

Thank you for all the work you do!!!  It's making a difference!!!

Carrie F.
Intensive Reading Teacher 
Saratoga Springs, FL