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The Chosen

Darcy Wills feels the pressure. Her best friend, Tarah Carson, has grown distant and hostile since the start of the school year. And a medical crisis in Darcy’s family has stress boiling over at home. When surprising news forces Darcy to look at the future beyond Bluford High, she realizes huge decisions are looming. Unsure what to do but unable to avoid what’s coming, Darcy has no easy options. Her choices will cut both ways. Some doors will open, but others may close forever.

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Stories to Experience

The Bluford Series is a collection of twenty-two young adult novels that focus on the lives of a group of high school students and their families. The series draws its name from the school which many of the characters attend: Bluford High, named after Guion "Guy" Bluford, America's first black astronaut.

Set in contemporary urban America, each novel addresses complex topics relevant to the lives of today's students: family, friendship, trust, isolation, violence, and peer pressure, to name a few.

In addition, the books feature male and female characters and include elements from many literary genres, such as mystery, suspense, romance, and a touch of the supernatural. In other words, the Bluford Series offers something for almost every reader.

Finally, the books are short (less than 200 pages) and written in a highly readable style. Reviewed in a national reading journal and praised by students and teachers nationwide, the Bluford Series appeals to readers of all ages.

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