The Bluford Series is Heating Up

March 20, 2024

Exciting news is happening in the world of the Bluford Series!  The series, which began with the publication of Anne Schraff's  Lost in Found way back in 2001, is percolating in 2024.

First off, a new Bluford title is in the works. Karyn Folan, author of Pretty Ugly and The Chosen, has penned a new story that will drop later this year.

Next, an illustrated version of The Bully is coming. Featuring all-new original art from award-winning Bluford illustrator Gerald Purnell, this will be the most visually stunning Bluford book ever created. 

Finally, the effort to bring Bluford to the screen continues. No dates have been announced, and producer Pierre Bagley has made it clear that development has been a challenge. Still, Bagley and his producer partners are confident Bluford will find a home on screen. Fans of the series are encouraged to join the movement that is pushing to make it happen.